iview now live streaming ABC’s primary channel

iview now streaming ABC’s primary channel with plans underway to extend live streaming to other channel in 2016

ABC’s primary channel is now available as a live stream on iview, allowing audiences to watch whenever and wherever they like – including on computers, smartphones and tablets.

To stream ABC live on iview visit iview.abc.net.au or download the latest version of the iview app from the App Store or Google Play and head to the ABC channel page to ‘Watch Live’.

For launch, programs shown in the live stream reflect ABC’s Sydney, NSW schedule. Plans are already underway to extend live streaming on iview to other channels next year.

Today’s launch gives Australian audiences yet another way to access live ABC TV channels and programs, with ABC News 24, Q&A, and ABC’s coverage of major national events already available to watch live on iview.

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Source: ABC

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