Innocean partners with the Australian Marine Conservation Society to help protect Aussie oceans


Innocean and the AMCS are working on two conservation projects due to launch late 2022

The Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS) has partnered with Innocean Australia to help rally the nation to protect Australian oceans.

Since 1965, AMCS has been working to protect Australia’s oceans and marine life as the country’s only national charity solely dedicated to ocean conservation.

The growing problems of climate change, pollution, and overfishing are putting the future of our oceans and wildlife at immediate risk in Australia. 

Innocean and the AMCS are working on two conservation projects due to launch late 2022; both designed to establish ongoing awareness and raise the plight of our oceans. One focuses on seafood sustainability, the other is a broader organisational platform to relaunch the brand itself.

Gual Barwell

Innocean team: Top image: Wez Hawes, Jasmin Bedir and Gual Barwell

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AMCS director of communications, Imogen Scott, said: “Getting attention and action for Australia’s oceans is hard in a crowded space, especially when the problems are beneath the waves and out of sight.

“Innocean’s strategic and highly creative campaigns will help us bring those issues to the surface, they highlight the solutions that are within our grasp and mobilise the collective action needed to make positive changes for our oceans and their wildlife. You don’t have to work in conservation to be a conservationist and we highly value working with the team at Innocean, who we now consider part of our crew.”

Innocean CEO, Jasmin Bedir, said: “We’ve been working closely with AMCS to make it easy for everyday Aussies to make small but impactful changes to protect our precious ocean and marine life. We are working directly with scientists to build ongoing platforms that reframe one-way communication into self-fulfilling systems.

“Together with AMCS we want to make a difference to ensure our oceans remain healthy for tomorrow’s generations.”

Over 57 years ago the Australian Marine Conservation Society was formed by a community of scientists and ocean conservationists, who came together to take action to protect Australia’s marine life.

The AMCS appointment is effective immediately.

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