IMAA shows off the Aussie lifestyle to attract British talent Down Under

IMAA - CEO Sam Buchanan

The trade campaign launches in the UK this week

Independent Media Agencies of Australia (IMAA) is addressing the talent crisis with a trade advertising campaign selling the Aussie lifestyle to British media agency talent looking to expand their experience overseas.

The trade campaign, which launches in the UK this week, features a video interviewing a range of British ex-pats working at Australian independent media agencies and why they love working here.

The IMAA website will have a dedicated landing page for Brits looking to make the move to Australia with several in-depth interviews with ex-pats on their move here, what they like about Australia and why they love working in independent media agencies here.

British media agency staff are able to register their interest via the website and will be matched with an IMAA member agency to make the move.

Sue Cant, a British ex-pat who has lived in Australia since 2015 and is Head of Media at AFFINITY, says in the video: “I mean what is there not to enjoy? The food, the wineries, the beaches – it’s just such a good way of life here as well.”

Sarah Melrose, Managing Partner at Admatic Australia, arrived in Australia seven years ago. “For me the motivating factor was very much the lifestyle. Working in London was very busy, chaotic, stuck on the Tube most mornings, whereas now my morning commute is down to the beach and back to work from home or I run to work…It’s very much work to live and not live to work,” she said.

IMAA CEO, Sam Buchanan (pictured), said: “The latest IMAA Pulse Survey found that almost 60% of members expect to grow between 10% and 20% and more this year, however more than half said that the quality and depth of the talent pool is still poor. This is one of our major initiatives to address the talent shortage and attract skilled staff to indie agencies, along with British media agency executives who have worked here but returned to the UK during COVID. Of course, our priority is to support Australian employment opportunities so we will also be launching a major education initiative shortly that aims to nurture the next generation of Australians who want to work in media agencies.

“Independent media agencies are among the most innovative in the world and primed for growth, so the time to take the plunge – from Bondi to Burleigh, St Kilda and Glenelg to Cottesloe – is now!”

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