Hulsbosch unveils rebrand for Lighthouse Foundation ahead of expansion in 2023

Hulsbosch for Lighthouse

Lighthouse Foundation CEO: “The rebranding is a pivotal next step as Lighthouse plans to extend its reach”

Hulsbosch has revealed the exciting rebrand of the charity Lighthouse Foundation, which is preparing for a major expansion in 2023.

Lighthouse Foundation provides homes and tailored therapeutic care programs to young people who are homeless, or at risk of homelessness, in Victoria.

The rebrand, by the strategic branding and design agency, has been launched as Lighthouse Foundation celebrates its 30th year.

Hulsbosch for Lighthouse

Lighthouse Foundation CEO Eamonn McCarthy said the fresh, new look and messaging tells a clearer story about the work Lighthouse does, the expansion of programs it offers, and the people it helps.

Dr McCarthy said: “The rebranding is a pivotal next step as Lighthouse plans to extend its reach from helping 70 young people a night to more than 500 in the next three years.

“The revised brandmark has been altered from ‘A place where homeless kids belong’ to ‘Foundation for Youth’ because thanks to our generous supporters, we are able to provide a much broader range of support and services,” he said.
To understand this process for Lighthouse, Hulsbosch’s designers participated in a month-long immersion interviewing the charity’s care team, major sponsors, managers, and a young person who had sought help from the charity.

Lighthouse now has a refreshed reviewed image style, revised typography, and new delivery framework to better define its care environments and programs.

Dr McCarthy said since the Lighthouse Foundation logo was first created in 1996, the charity had had a few different looks over its 30+ years but the mission to end youth homelessness together has remained throughout.

“The child-like illustration of the house signifies a place where all children can feel loved, safe, and supported,” he said.

“Hulsbosch has retained the house and placed the logo within a circular graphic to help enhance its visibility.”

Hulsbosch is behind some of Australia’s most iconic brands, including Qantas, Woolworths, Rebel Sport, and Virgin Australia.

“This rebrand will help ensure Lighthouse stands out from the rest, allowing us to further shine a light on youth homelessness and advocate for change,” Dr McCarthy said.

“We are thrilled to launch our sophisticated, personalised and relevant branding suite and thank Hulsbosch for the hard work and dedication shown in bringing this pivotal part of Lighthouse’s journey to life.”

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