Howatson+Company appointed to UNICEF Australia’s media account

Howatson+Company - UNICEF

“It is a privilege to be responsible for the media that ensures the funding is raised for UNICEF Australia”

Howatson+Company has been appointed to lead the media account of UNICEF Australia, following a competitive tender process.

The independent agency’s appointment is effective immediately.

UNICEF Australia is an Australian children’s charity with a global footprint, operating entirely on voluntary donations. In 2021, the organisation raised $54 million and, through 30 Priority Programs, supported more than 846,000 children and young people in need around the world.

Libby Hodgson, chief marketing officer, UNICEF Australia, said: “Howatson+Company demonstrated an intelligent, data-led strategy that we’re confident will achieve our ambitious fundraising requirements.

“Critically, they’re a perfect cultural fit. Throughout the processes I was attracted to the chemistry between their team and their instant fit with our team. We’re excited to appoint them as our media agency.”

Chris Howatson, CEO and founder of Howatson+Company, said: “People trust UNICEF to help children everywhere who need help. They have vaccinated, educated, and done more to reach and protect children in the most remote and dangerous places of the world than any other organisation.
“It is a privilege to be responsible for the media that ensures the funding is raised for UNICEF Australia to continue doing this essential work.”


Howatson+Company team

Sasha Smith, head of media at Howatson+Company said: “We are absolutely thrilled to be working with UNICEF Australia.
“They are an exceptional organisation, with exceptional people, doing exceptional work. It’s a real pleasure bringing our best for them,” she added.
Howatson+Company was recently named in Mediaweek HOT List of April 2023. Mediaweek contributing editor and MFA Hall of Famer Greg “Sparrow” Graham highlights the best-performing media and creative agencies.
Sparrow wrote of Howatson+Company: “It is the work of course that makes Howatson+Company sizzling hot especially the new work for Belong called Thumitt.
“The creative is around the stat that the average Aussie scrolls the height of Everest on their phone every month, and it certainly grabbed my attention. Also, a recent Mediaweek Ad Placement of the Month winner for 10PM with dirty dumped mattresses was also an attention-stopper. Plus, their recent growth with wins for TK Maxx, MYOB and UNSW is impressive.
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