Howatson+Company is awarded creative and production duties of UNSW


The agency has also been in charge of the university’s media business for the last 12 months

Howatson+Company has been awarded the creative and production duties from UNSW Sydney.

Before the appointment, the agency also was in charge of the university’s media business for the last 12 months. 

Sofia Lloyd-Jones, chief marketing officer at UNSW, said that the marketing team at UNSW were impressed with the impact that Howatson+Company had brought to the media side of their business and were excited to unify creative and production services into a single operating model. 

“A single operating model enables us to move quickly to respond to customer needs in a fast-changing market, and at scale,” she said. 

“The team at Howatson+Co have demonstrated their deep understanding of the sector and continue to apply data and innovation to promote an integrated growth strategy.”

The CEO of Howatson+Company, Chris Howatson expressed that the world needs new ideas and solutions, and in collaboration with UNSW over the past year, he has seen how UNSW is leading the way to a more sustainable society. 

“Their culture embraces diversity of thought, integrity and innovation, and a deep connection with community,” he said. 

“To be trusted to express their ideals across all three communication functions of media, message and orchestration is a privilege and an opportunity to contribute.

“Sofia has a very clear and ambitious vision for future student recruitment, and we’re thrilled to be deepening our partnership.”

The appointment is effective immediately. 

This month, Howatson+Company were featured on Mediaweek’s HOT list. In the list, MFA Hall of Famer Greg “Sparrow” Graham continues tracking the best-performing media and creative agencies. 

Graham said, “It is the work of course that makes Howatson+Company sizzling hot especially the new work for Belong called Thumitt. The creative is around the stat that the average Aussie scrolls the height of Everest on their phone every month, and it certainly grabbed my attention.”

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