What Good Influence Looks Like: How to find the right influencers for your brand, part I

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Success begins with a well-thought-out plan

The 11th video in Social Soup‘s What Good Influence Looks Like series kicks off part one in a two-part series discussing the best approach for identifying the ideal influencers for your brand. Part one focuses on the fundamental steps for selecting the right influencers when planning for success.

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1. Understanding Your Audience: Take your time constructing your brand blueprint. Start by understanding your target audience, as your influencer serves as a bridge to those who might discover, consider or buy your product. The influencer may not always perfectly match your audience but they should have influence over them.

2. Macro Goals Of The Brand: Consider your brand’s goals as well as how you want it to be perceived. These aspects impact your influencer’s messaging and style. Terms like “funny”, “polished”, “raw” or “relatable” can mean different things in content creation. Understanding these nuances improves who you get on board and content quality.

3. Platform Fit And Trends: Pay attention to the suitability of various platforms and trends. Different social media platforms have unique styles and ongoing trends. Understanding how to leverage these trends is pivotal in guiding your influencer selection.

4. Brand Representation In Social And Content: Define the purpose of your content. Is it aimed at fostering organic engagement or is it part of a paid influencer-led strategy? This will ultimately impact your choice of influencers.

Remember that success begins with a well-thought-out plan. In part two, Social Soup will delve into the critical process of matching and vetting influencers to ensure they are the perfect fit for your brand.

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