Havas Media Group and Search Laboratory partner to bring marketing to B2B brands with Havas Business

Havas Media Group - Havas Business

The division is devoted to helping clients respond to the growing and complex B2B technology landscape

Havas Media Group (HMG), the media division of the global communications group Havas, and Search Laboratory, an international performance marketing agency, have come together to shake up the B2B marketing landscape with Havas Business.
Born from existing capabilities within HMG, Havas Business is a new global offering that aims to disrupt traditional approaches to B2B growth with ‘boardroom-ready’ media and marketing solutions that unlock meaningful value in B2B brands.
The division is devoted to helping clients respond to the rapidly growing and increasingly complex B2B technology landscape. In a survey of CMOs from B2B companies in North America, the UK, Germany, and France, 68% of respondents planned to increase digital advertising budgets.
Developed around this vision of ‘bringing the business of media and marketing to the boardroom,’ Havas Business offers performance marketing strategy and end-to-end media execution to global and local B2B brands. The goal is to help clients elevate the role of media and marketing to the top of their companies, designing attention-grabbing campaigns that impact business performance.
Search Laboratory was acquired by HMG in early 2022. The team of digital marketers and data scientists is dedicated to growth generation globally, working in over 35 languages. On behalf of HMG, Search Laboratory will be launching the go-to-market strategy and digital delivery of Havas Business across North America.  

Through the joining of HMG and Search Laboratory’s services, Havas Business can help clients change the perception of marketing from a prohibitive cost centre to an engine for growth, identifying the questions that bring marketing data to life.
Peter Mears, Global CEO of Havas Media Group, expresses his enthusiasm for the new offering, said: “At Havas Media Group, we live by the power of collaboration to build meaningful brands. Building on decades of industry-leading B2B expertise in the UK and a global network with the local acumen to address unique regional challenges, Havas Business is poised to deliver the future-forward, tailored B2B approach necessary in today’s dynamic landscape.”
Chris Attewell, CEO of Search Laboratory, said: “When we joined Havas Media Group, we were excited to embrace all the opportunities that came with the partnership. Havas Business is a fantastic example of how our skillsets can be used to better effect together.

“The group’s expertise in large-scale media experiences enhances our performance marketing and data science specialties to create an offering that spans the whole customer journey for our current and future B2B clients.”

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