Havas Media and OIS partnership increases OOH productivity by 50%

Havas Media - OIS Campaign Manager

OIS CEO Singh said: “It’s revolutionised the way out-of-home campaigns are activated”

Havas Media has realised a 50% increase in productivity at the agency following a partnership with third-party verification provider OIS.

Havas Media Australia reviewed potential verification providers to track its clients’ out-of-home (OOH) investments and discovered that the manual process of campaign management, including emailing creative and site list files, was inefficient and outdated, often leading to inaccurate reporting.

The challenge was to identify a third-party reporting platform that streamlined campaign management between the agency and its publisher partners.

Havas partnered with OIS, a third-party verification provider that optimises OOH campaign performance by supplying independently verified reporting across direct and programmatically traded campaigns.

The platform is powered by CAMPAIGN MANAGER, proprietary software that provides automated and transparent workflow management at scale, leading to increased productivity and more accurate campaign delivery reporting.

Havas Media Australia teams use CAMPAIGN MANAGER to seamlessly manage creative files and automatically convert them to OIS Precision Tags for publishers to deploy verification tracking across their networks. Additionally, screen management is available in platform, removing the inefficient and error prone process of emailing site lists.

Havas Media Australia clients include Kia, Momentum Energy, COTY, Jacobs Douwe Egberts, Tourism Fiji, and Avis Budget Group.

Michelle Lee

OIS CAMPAIGN MANAGER has helped Havas Media Australia deploy thousands of creative files and track millions of ad plays, without relying on publisher reporting. In some instances, a productivity gain of 50% has been achieved.

Michelle Lee, Havas Media Australia group investment director, said: “One of the reasons OIS was appointed as our OOH third-party verification partner was due to its campaign management technology.

“It has helped the teams implement third-party verification at scale, streamlining the flow of data between the agency and our publisher partners, including simplifying the entire site list management process.”

OIS has also developed proprietary campaign management and reporting functionality for publishers, which streamlines the entire verification process including the supply and management of digital and print creative files, self-serve site list management and real-time automated issue resolution.

Mark Fairhurst, QMS’ chief customer officer, said: “As DOOH experts, we continue to see accountability and transparency as crucial to the growth and future of the outdoor industry. That is why we remain committed to providing our clients with agnostic third-party verification providers like OIS.

“OIS’ investment in bespoke tools like CAMPAIGN MANAGER, allow our clients to manage their network data, minimise campaign setup errors and ultimately, improve the accuracy of campaign performance reporting.”

Justin Singh, OIS CEO, said: “It’s great to see the productivity gains realised by Havas using our CAMPAIGN MANAGER software. A year or so after we pioneered OOH verification, and unlike other providers, we realised that to generate accurate reporting and set up everyone for success, we needed to provide campaign management tools that supported the process.

“We now have hundreds of creative agencies and publishers using OIS CAMPAIGN MANAGER to manage their campaigns. It’s revolutionised the way out-of-home campaigns are activated.”

Justin Singh

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