Hatched celebrates its tenth birthday with a Valentine’s Day party


The independent media agency was launched on Valentine’s Day in 2013

Hatched recently marked its tenth birthday with a Valentine’s Day party at its Melbourne HQ. 

The independent media agency, which was launched on Valentine’s Day in 2013, celebrated the milestone occasion with a Perfect Match-themed shindig.

The space was decorated with a hot pink sequin wall panel backdrop festooned with heart signage.

Staffers also got into the spirit of the occasion by dressing up in their best 80s garb – from power suits to neon tracksuits, sequins, sparkle and animal print.



Earlier this month, Hatched founder Jack Byrne took to LinkedIn to share his pride in the media agency’s milestone celebration.
Byrne wrote: “Ever since I started Hatched back on Valentine’s Day, 2013, I have always prided myself on finding and empowering the best talent – talent who genuinely gave a sh*t – from across the media industry so our clients could directly benefit from day to day access to the best minds with genuine care for shared results.
“I am proud to say that these standards have been maintained, and will always be a part of the Hatched DNA moving forward, and this offering and care now extends to a national offering across the Melbourne and Sydney markets,” he said.

“Throughout the journey, as a Founder I have always had the loudest voice in the room, and often cast a long shadow on internal decision making-  most of which I think I got right, but admittedly I also got a lot wrong.
“All along I had the spectre of imposter syndrome hanging over my head as I sat around a table full of the best media executives across Melbourne and Sydney, reminding myself that I had never even worked in a media agency before I owned one,” he added.

Byrne’s post comes after he would be stepping aside as managing director of the agency to take on greater responsibilities at retail media tech start-up Zitcha.

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In the LinkedIn post, Byrne continued: “The rapid growth of Zitcha led to me doing both jobs throughout 2022, and it soon dawned on me that I was doing neither of them well.

“This gave me the reason to finally empower the talent within the agency to be responsible for the next 10 years, and for me to step aside to ensure both they, the agency and our clients thrive with renewed vigour.

“I am really excited to step aside and let the real talent of the agency shine under the guidance of Stephen Fisher, Adrian Roeling and Virginia Scully – a move that in reflection should have been made years ago based on the sheer talent these guys along with a renewed Exec team bring day to day to the business, and a move I could not be more excited about for all,” Byrne concluded.



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