Global entertainment and media platform, Azerion launches in Australia


• Azerion currently caters to more than 425 million active users

Azerion, the global digital entertainment and media platform has announced its launch into the Australian market following the JAPAC integration with digital advertising company Inskin Media.

This follows Azerion’s acquisition of Inskin in October 2021.

Having served as general manager for Inskin APAC prior to the merger, Georgia Woodburne will now be managing director for the JAPAC region at Azerion.

“I am delighted to be leading Azerion’s JAPAC team. The integration into Azerion presents enormous opportunities for our existing and new clients. External agencies want fewer, bigger and better partners to engage with and, from an internal perspective, the merger further supports Azerion becoming a leading digital platform and presents more opportunities for creativity, product offering and talent acquisition,” said Woodburne.


Lizzie Grant, operations and commercial director (JAPAC) at Azerion said, “We have always prided ourselves on our high quality creative and light touch integration with publishers. Inskin’s merger with Azerion will not only mean increased operational efficiency, but also additional ways of monetising publisher inventory through new technologies, targeting capabilities and an expanded product suite.”

By focusing its attention on the insights and intelligence that form strong campaign foundations, Azerion will combine attention-grabbing creativity with ad tech targeting from the world’s best publishers and gaming experiences to jettison it into the future.

“Audiences trust us with their entertaining experiences, publishers trust us to monetise their sites, and advertisers trust us to deliver performance for their brands. Ensuring that we consistently exceed expectations across the board is of paramount importance. When considering the new world order of online advertising and gaming where audiences are no longer passive recipients of information, every advertiser needs to work harder to secure attention, improve brand reputation and deliver performance,” added Woodburne.

Azerion is a digital entertainment and media platform. Globally, the platform works with advertisers, digital publishers, game creators and consumers. Azerion currently caters to more than 425 million active users, 340K advertisers and has more than 17,500 game titles across its portfolio of 2,400 game portals.

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