Gen Z hosts funeral for cropped puffer in latest from NAB and TBWA\Melbourne

NAB gets Gen Z to 'Wrangle Your Money' in latest by TBWA\Melbourne

Stoddart: “We decided to let Gen Z take control in a way that felt fun, relatable and appropriately funeral-ly.”

NAB has launched the latest iteration of its ‘Wrangle Your Money’ campaign via TBWA\Melbourne and Mindshare, which was first introduced in March as an extension of the bank‘s ‘More Than Money’ brand platform.

The ad playfully depicts an emotional farewell to a cropped puffer jacket, a financial trade off in pursuit of saving for a ‘Euro summer’.

The new work is designed to speak directly to Gen Z customers who are feeling the ongoing cost of living crisis. According to the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), 82% of Gen Z feel financially stressed, and are twice as likely to want to better manage their finances, compared to 70% of other generations.

NAB’s head of group brand, Sue Brailsford, said the research shows “Gen Z want to be more confident when it comes to managing their finances, and knowing where to start can be overwhelming.

“NAB’s new campaign aims to connect with Gen Z Australians through relatable situations, demonstrating how NAB can help these customers wrangle their money to make better financial decisions.”


The campaign content will roll out nationwide across social (TikTok and Snapchat), as well as YouTube, OOH and digital audio.

The work further taps into research that shows over half of Gen Zs (52%) say they’ll engage with creative and entertaining ads, versus 42% of boomers. 

Matt Stoddart, executive creative director at TBWA\Melbourne, said while it seems almost everyone has an opinion on what Gen Zs should be doing with their money, the agency “decided to let Gen Z take control in a way that felt fun, relatable and appropriately funeral-ly”. 

TBWA\Melbourne creative Kale McRedmond, who directed the campaign, added: “Making content for a younger audience is always tricky. You want to reflect how they feel, but you also risk sounding like a high school teacher with their hat backwards. I think we struck a good balance.”

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Production and creative agency: TBWA\Melbourne 
Chief creative officer: Paul Reardon
Executive creative director: Matt Stoddart
Creative and director: Kale McRedmond
Creative: James Southey
Editor: Chris Gillingham
Head of planning: Virginia Pracht
Senior producer: Janine Wertheim
Production manager: Phoebe Graham
Managing director: Ricci Meldrum
Client partner: Sarah Tukua
Senior business director: Jade Mittermair

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