Foxtel reveals line-up of new and refreshed linear channels

Foxtel channel updates

Foxtel will also be integrating the DocPlay app into iQ set-top boxes from 25 June.

Foxtel has unveiled a line-up of new channels being added to iQ set-top boxes. In addition, documentary app DocPlay will be joining Foxtel’s suite of apps, in addition to becoming a channel.

Foxtel will be launching a collection of seven new and refreshed linear channels in the coming months, including: 

• British (ch.118): Featuring shows like Vera, London Kills, Madam Blanc Mysteries, Whitstable Pearl, Miss Scarlett and the Duke, and Agatha Christie’s Marple, the British channel offers a mix of content including entertainment, factual, children’s and lifestyle. It launches 1 August.

• Real History (ch.130): Through affirming accounts of the past, Real History takes viewers on a journey back in time, uncovering the events that have shaped and continue to shape the world with a focus on content touching on military, ancient, modern, topical, and tabloid history. It launches 1 August.

• Real Crime (ch.135): Launches 1 August.

• Famous (ch.115): Famous will be the source for true stories of some of the most accomplished personalities of the past and present. It launches 1 August.

• Travel (ch.129): Travel will be Foxtel’s go-to destination to transport viewers to places near and far. It launches 15 August.

• DocPlay (ch.119): The documentary channel launches on 3 September.

• Fashion TV (ch.151): The channel presents the latest fashion, beauty and lifestyle trends from an insider’s view with designers, models and professionals. It launches on 6 August.

Foxtel will also be integrating the DocPlay app into iQ set-top boxes from 25 June.

Stephanie Quinn, director of content partnerships – Foxtel Group, said: “Over the past decade, the content distribution model has changed, reinforcing the need for our business to remain dynamic and focussed on what’s best for our customers. The addition of these new channels, as well as the DocPlay app, reflect the changing marketplace and gives us the freedom to make content acquisition decisions that best reflect our customers viewing preferences.

“We’re proud to offer our customers a diverse mix of premium content. These new channels and integrated app will provide customers with uninterrupted access to some of their favourite shows and titles across popular genres including drama, history, documentaries, and true crime.”

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