Foxtel Media launches media industry think tank, Video Futures Collective

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The group is backed by big players in the space such as YouTube, Samsung Ads, Disney Advertising, and SBS.

Foxtel Media has established a media industry think tank, the Video Futures Collective, backed by big players in the space, such as YouTube, Samsung Ads, Disney Advertising, and SBS.

The launch follows Foxtel Media’s departure from the ThinkTV marketing body last year. Explaining the move at its 2024 Upfront, the broadcaster said “we are on a different path and it makes sense to go our own way”.

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Aimed at shedding light on the evolving Australian digital video and streaming sphere, the Video Futures Collective will work to serve as a platform for discussion within the broader media industry, exploring a diverse array of ideas related to video advertising.

Following initial meetings, the Video Futures Collective will focus on three primary areas in the short, medium, and long term:

• Establishing consensus on fundamental aspects of streaming video, such as naming conventions, definitions, and best practices, alongside efforts to support training and education.

• Collaborating on industry-wide case studies and exploring innovative approaches to measurement models.

• Delving into possibilities for closer integration with agencies concerning planning and purchasing processes.

Foxtel Media CEO, Mark Frain said, “Over the last 10 years, the media industry has gone through rapid change and we now operate in an environment complicated by the fragmentation of video platforms – making it increasingly challenging for advertisers to capture a holistic view of the market. In parallel, streaming has now reached a tipping point of scale and influence, creating more opportunities for brands to engage and connect with audiences.

“We believe open and transparent industry discussion between streamers, broadcasters, publishers, and advertisers is necessary to influence industry best practice. To that end, we are delighted to announce the launch of the Video Futures Collective – an inclusive think tank driven by shared principles.”

Caroline Oates, head of YouTube ads and programmatic, said: “Despite years of convergence between digital and linear video, there is still yet to be a single place where video streaming providers align to discuss the issues and opportunities facing the industry. While we are competitors, a transparent and collaborative think tank that identifies issues that require industry buy-in and collaboration can play an important role in driving the entire industry forward.”

Lucy Formosa Morgan, national managing director, Magna, said: “In 2024, advertisers are faced with a rapidly evolving media environment. The rise of streaming and the emergence of new advertising options is making media decisions more complex than ever before. We welcome any initiative that can help cut through the noise and bring media companies together to explore key issues like measurement, attention and reach.”

Top Image: Mark Frain

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