Foxtel announces launch of FoxTest ad experimentation platform


• FoxTest is born from ongoing campaign innovations

Foxtel Media has announced the launch of FoxTest, a new initiative to help brands explore the future frontiers of advertising. Representing an investment of $3 million, FoxTest will see Foxtel Media partner with brands to run experiments across advertising content, experience, and data.  

FoxTest is born from ongoing campaign innovations with brands such as Hyundai, who are testing new approaches in video buying, and a large retailer who has begun data integration testing. 

From October 27, Foxtel Media will open the FoxTest experimentation platform to ten new brands and their agencies, with innovations beginning to be trialled in 2022.  

Brands will be able to innovate across key areas such as:  

• Content (impact of context, assessing inventory on engagement, re-evaluating standard media metrics)
• Ad experience (impact of lower ad loads on advertising performance, the co-creation of new ad formats or tactics to enhance to command more attention)
• Data (third party data ingestion and segmentation, deeper consumer insight, sales attribution)  

Instead of a set testing regime, Foxtel Media will be working collaboratively with brands and their innovation budget allocations to create robust, custom testing programs for their advertising.  

Mark Frain, CEO at Foxtel Media said, “FoxTest is a new philosophy when it comes to innovation, and it’s all about putting the client first. Rather than dictate what brands and agencies should be doing, we’re inviting them into the tent and working together to solve the big challenges that we face as advertising transforms and intelligent video becomes the new reality.”

“Whether you’re using data integration to close the loop between ad exposure and sales, or like Hyundai, unlocking 20% incremental reach with an aligned approach to better video buying, there is no cookie cutter formula for innovation. FoxTest will offer a sandbox for marketers to test and learn, ensuring that advertising dollars are delivering the maximum return on investment. We’re making a $3 million commitment to evolve alongside our brand and agency partners, and to transform Australia’s advertising market.”

One new brand that has already signed up to partner with Foxtel Media using FoxTest is Westpac. The bank will trial a project plan to test for direct links between the cost of advertising and the effectiveness of a campaign.

Westpac group head of brand, advertising and media, Jenny Melhuish said: “Brands are facing disruption on many fronts and need to be open to change so they can find the most effective way to communicate with their audiences. We want partners who share a mindset of being innovative and willing to challenge the status quo, based on an understanding of the metrics of our business. By co-investing and working side-by-side with Foxtel Media as we trial this new trading model, we are creating the opportunity to try new approaches to optimise campaign effectiveness and further prove the power of advertising in our business”. 

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