Felix Mobile launches brand platform and ‘spokes-tree’ via Thinkerbell and Starcom

Part tree, all puppet, Felix is the brand’s new ‘spokes-tree’.

Felix mobile has launched a new brand platform starring a tree puppet, called Felix, via Thinkerbell and Starcom.

Part tree, all puppet, Felix is the brand’s new ‘spokes-tree’ featured in the brand work by Thinkerbell. Felix, on behalf of felix, highlights how the brand is ‘not all talk’, using his dry, tongue-in-cheek charm, analysing the ways humans use their phones.


Craig Merrett, head creative tinker at Thinkerbell, said: “It’s incredibly hard to find an Aussie telco that has a unique point of difference and isn’t only saying it’s doing good, but actually is. With the brand planting a new tree once a month for every new and existing customer, we took this brand truth to create a loveable new character that we’ll continue to harness going forward.”

Drew Groves, client service director at Starcom, added: “The proposition Felix brings to the market is hugely exciting, combining a refreshingly simple product with an authentic brand purpose. Our strategic approach to media centres around putting our new friendly ‘spokes-tree’ in contexts and environments that drive distinction for the brand amongst a cluttered category, whilst ensuring we ‘walk the walk’ when it comes to the brand’s care for the world around us.”

The brand platform has been brought to life across a range of touchpoints including OOH, online, VOD, social and Felix-owned assets, with more to come.

Kelly Beater, head of Felix mobile, said: “With our new brand platform ‘not all talk’, felix is bringing to life its mission to make mobile use cheaper, simpler and easier, and at the same time helping do some good for the environment.”


Client: felix
Production: Larchmont
Director: Gary McCreadie
Editor: Lucas Vazquez
Puppet Production: Meg Ashforth
Music: Sonar Music
Media: Starcom

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