Federal government master media account is up for tender after six years with UM

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The federal government’s master media account is worth between $150 to $240 million.

The federal government master media account, worth between $150 to $240 million, is up for tender after six years with UM.

The Mediabrands agency has managed the government’s buying, planning and strategy since 2018. In 2021, UM was successful in retaining the major account, extending it for another three years until June 2024.

The master media account will be responsible for the placement of all advertising under the Central Advertising System – the coordinated procurement arrangement for government advertising that consolidates expenditure and buying power to secure optimal media rates. The Central Advertising System is administered by the Department of Finance.

This includes campaign (communication activities designed to inform, educate, motivate or change behaviour), non-campaign (recruitments, public notices, tender notices) and complex non-campaign (a series of recruitment or public notice advertising, generally to support an ongoing program or initiative).

UM initially won the federal government master media account back in 2002 and held it until 2014, when Denstu Mitchell (now dentsu X) won the account. Then, after four years, the Mediabrands agency successfully took back the account.

The timeframe of the account will be from 1 July 2024 to 30 June 2028, with options to extend up to four years. The tender will close on March 14.

UM declined to comment to Mediaweek.

UM Canberra is currently the media agency of record for the ACT Government, effective as of March 2023

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OMD won the $100 million Victorian government master media account in 2021, which was followed by the $70 million NSW government in 2022.

EssenceMediacom (then Mediacom) has held the $60 million Queensland government media account since 2004. 

The South Australia government media account, worth between $40 to $50 million, is shared by Wavemaker Adelaide and Carat Adelaide retained the account which they have held since 2010. 

While last year, independent media agency Atomic 212° was reappointed to the Northern Territory Government and Tourism Northern Territory media services accounts, valued at $10 million.

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