Emotive asks industry to donate $5m in media to combat deep seabed mining threat

Emotive Deep Rising team image in front of Reg Mombassa mural against deep seabed mining

Simon Joyce: “Deep Rising isn’t just a campaign; it’s a vital call to action to safeguard our planet’s future.”

In an effort to combat the looming threat of deep seabed mining, a global impact campaign has launched under the leadership of Laura Clarke, co-founder of the Palau Pledge, with Coogee-based agency Emotive leading the strategy and creative.

Despite international regulations designating the deep seabed as the “common heritage of humankind,” there are growing concerns over the exploitation of these resources for profit. The International Seabed Authority (ISA), established by the UN to govern deep seabed activities, faces mounting pressure to reconsider its stance on mining ventures.

The global campaign gains momentum following the premiere of Jason Momoa‘s environmental documentary, Deep Rising, at Sundance in 2023. The documentary sheds light on the perilous consequences of deep seabed mining, drawing attention to the urgent need for action.

Clarke, head of impact for Deep Rising, stressed the crucial need for intervention, citing the lack of scientific research on the environmental consequences of deep seabed mining.

“If we can unite and draw mass global awareness to the fact that the seabed is the birthright of everyone on the planet, we can create direct action ahead of the ISA’s forthcoming decision in July this year on whether they will grant licences for pro-mining nations and companies to mine an area of the Pacific Ocean the size of Europe,” said Clarke. 

To amplify the campaign’s reach, Emotive has unveiled a powerful mural, created by Australian artist and musician Reg Mombassa in partnership with Apparition Media. A call-to-action has also been issued to the marketing industry, urging support through media donations.

The initiative aims to secure $5 million worth of donated global media – backing imperative to raising awareness and mobilising efforts to oppose deep seabed mining.

Deep Rising Mural at Emotive by Reg Mombassa

Deep Rising Mural by Reg Mombassa at Emotive Office in Coogee, Sydney

The urgency of the campaign stems from the profound ecological impact of mining activities on oceanic ecosystems. With over half of the planet’s biodiversity residing in the ocean and the deep sea comprising a significant portion of the earth’s biosphere, preserving these habitats is paramount.

Simon Joyce, CEO of Emotive, elaborated on the timely significance of the campaign.

Deep Rising isn’t just a campaign; it’s a vital call to action to safeguard our planet’s future,” he stated. “We’ve always believed in the power of creativity to change how people feel, and what better cause to apply that to than this.”

The move highlights a growing momentum within the creative industry to amplify voices for ocean conservation through increasingly impactful campaigns and innovative partnerships.

At the most recent Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA) Awards, agency network Innocean, in collaboration with Australian folk singer John Williamson, received the inaugural Award for Best Use of Australian Music in Advertising (over two minutes).

Their acclaimed campaign, Voice of the Sea, was created for the Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS), recognised for its impactful work in raising awareness for ocean conservation.

Williamson described the ARIA recognition as “an honour”, praising the award’s encouragement of advertisers to use Australian music.

“This will hopefully continue to spread the message of the Australian Marine Conservation Society to take care of our precious oceans,” he said.

The campaign launched in late 2022 alongside the release of Williamson’s song, intending to create a national anthem for the ocean, provide an educational platform for children, and inspire the next generation of conservationists.

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Top Image (L – R): Michael Hogg, Pia McMorran, Laura Clarke, Paul Sharp, Reg Mombassa & Mattheiu Rytz

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