‘Directors for the Voice’ campaign begins in major mastheads with full-page ads

460 directors so far have signed the campaign

Announced on August 29, 460 directors from various Australian organisations and agencies have put their names to a new campaign aiming to spread the message of support for The 2023 Voice Referendum. 

The ‘Directors for the Voice’ campaign has taken full-page ads in major mastheads including The Australian Financial Review, The Australian and others including metropolitan mastheads and also a social media campaign on LinkedIn. 

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The campaign, formally named ‘The Voice; It’s Everyone’s Business’ lists names of directors who want to publicly support the Voice, with more set to sign in the lead-up to the referendum.

The campaign’s co-organiser, Ming Long said, “It is rare for company directors to put themselves out there personally with such unity. Many individual directors feel deeply about this issue and have wanted an avenue to express their strong support in their personal capacity. Directors participating in the campaign are a highly diverse group representing the broader Australian community.”

Long continues that the list includes, “Indigenous directors, diversity across gender, race, age, disability, sexual orientation, religion, socio-economic background, geographic location and political leanings.”

“We are extremely grateful for the pro bono support of Sunita Gloster AM who galvanised a team from The Monkeys part of Accenture Song, Carat, and Sefiani part of Clarity Global, in helping us bring this campaign to life,” Long said.

“It is a true community coalition united in support of the Voice at a vital point in our nation’s future.”

“This is our moment in history to set our country on a more inclusive course.”

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