Delacon launches call tracking integration for Google Ads in APAC


• The call tracking solution also monitors time, date, length and result of calls

Delacon has become the first in the Asia Pacific to integrate its call tracking solution into Google Ads enabling marketers to more effectively attribute campaign performance.

As the only integrated Google Adwords call provider in the region, the Australian digital marketing company now surfaces in all Google Ads accounts, providing natively integrated call tracking data to its clients and others wanting to record and monitor call extensions, for a fuller understanding of the effectiveness of search campaigns.

The integration of Delacon’s call tracking technology and its Interactive Voice Response (IVR) feature – which captures the phone menu options pressed by a caller – provides a more granular layer of call attribution data.

When a customer calls directly from a Google ad, marketers can see which keyword groups, ads and campaigns drove the engagement, all reported in real-time.

Delacon’s call tracking solution also monitors time, date, length and result of calls; geographical location; number of calls per web source; online browsing activity in the lead up to the call; campaign ID and the call outcome.


Michael Center

Michael Center, CEO at Delacon said: “Previously marketers would need to specify which phone number belonged to which campaign to track any phone calls made directly from a campaign ad. Now, as long as a phone number is attached to a Google Ad, call tracking data can drive additional value for businesses.

“This integration increases call tracking accuracy and gives greater visibility on calculating cost per lead and cost per acquisition, which in turn improves campaign optimisation and drives increased return on investment.

“As a leading global provider of feature-rich call analytics, we continue to identify new ways to innovate our offering. Partnering as a Google Analytics Certified Partner for this latest integration and becoming the first in Asia Pacific to deploy our platform across Google Ads, is recognition of our expertise and the talent within the team.”

Sydney-headquartered Delacon uses call analytics to accurately measure and attribute every phone call to a marketing channel, optimising marketing campaigns and increasing sales performance. 

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