Daily Mail Australia shares Gen Z research with market in Aust & NZ

• Daily Mail Australia last week unveiled its landmark research study Spilling the Tea on Gen Z

A comprehensive Gen Z research study by Daily Mail Australia exposes which brands will thrive and which are doomed to fail at the hands of the next big generation of Australian consumers.

According to new research delivered by leading news publisher Daily Mail Australia, any brand which uses a millennial marketing strategy will be “cancelled” by Australia’s next massive consumer group: Generation Z.

After 12 months in development, Daily Mail Australia last week unveiled its landmark research study Spilling the Tea on Gen Z to leading media agencies in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney in a national roadshow.

Industry attendees are hailing Spilling the Tea on Gen Z the most comprehensive piece of publisher-produced research on this generation, as the roadshow continues to New Zealand at the end of the month before returning for a final Australian tour in early September.

Produced in partnership with quantitative research agency Nature and qualitative research agency The Lab Strategy, Spilling the Tea on Gen Z combines insights from a survey of 500 Gen Z and Millennial Australians with commentary from a panel of academics specialising in the youth research to demystify this highly lucrative generation, who will represent 40% of consumers with $4 billion spending power in 2020.

Presented in dedicated, intimate sessions at private screening rooms in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, Spilling the Tea on Gen Z digs deep into what shapes and motivates Australian Gen Zs (aged 10 to 24), how they engage with media and advertising, and critically, how they are different to their Millennial peers.

The research put a spotlight on how marketers can and should be speaking to this new generation of consumers, providing guests with insights on everything from how to communicate on platforms including Snapchat, Facebook Watch and Tik Tok, to how Gen Z views specific industries, and a detailed breakdown of successful influencer marketing strategies for this group.

Guests were also able to live a day in the life of 22-year-old Lexi, thanks to a cutting-edge virtual reality experience created for Daily Mail Australia by technology partners LuminaVR and AustechVR.

Presenting the research findings for Daily Mail Australia, and representing all four generations, were Taylah Harb, Insights & Data Manager and borderline Gen Z-er; Millennial duo Jessica Hunter, Commercial Director, and Crystal Andrews, Commercial Editor and expert Gen Z author; Sophie Harcombe, Business Development Director (Gen X); and Managing Director Peter Holder, a Baby Boomer who insists he only missed the Gen X cut-off by a handful of weeks!

Holder said of the research piece: “As the number one publisher partner on Snapchat’s Discover platform, it was important for Daily Mail Australia to shed light on a soon to be very dominant generation, one that thinks, behaves and spends much differently to its predecessors.”

Jessica Hunter, Daily Mail Australia Commercial Director, said: “Daily Mail Australia is a media brand that Gen Z truly loves, as we reach more of them than any Australian youth publisher. We ‘get’ them, and with this research we want to help marketers better understand this incredible group of young people like we do.”

The Daily Mail Australia team with the publisher’s Emmy Award won by its showbiz editor Jade Watkins who contributes to the Emmy-winning US TV show Daily Mail TV (Pictured L-R): Sophie Harcombe, Business Development Director; Taylah Harb, Insights & Data Manager; Peter Holder, Managing director; Jessica Hunter, Commercial Director, and Crystal Andrews, Commercial Editor

Spilling the Tea on Gen Z Testimonials

Patrick Adefuin, National Promotions Executive at Paramount Pictures: “It gave me a broader understanding of their values, and what shifts or undertakings we need to take to make our messaging relevant and unique for this particular audience. I liked the fact that the presentation encapsulated actual social research from Universities and credible, reliable sources… It balanced well with the relevant data and the measured media insights.”

Elaine Graham-Quirke, Group Director of Partnerships & Creative Media at Wavemaker: “The presentation was eye-opening. We tend to generalise when we think of the audiences we want to reach so, this was a fresh and innovative way to bring to life Gen Z and the things they love to spill the tea on when they get together. The VR experience was really unique and great way to get to the heart of their habits.”

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