Christian O’Connell’s win a billboard campaign returns

Each morning, O’Connell take requests from callers with personal messages they want, including on the digital sites located across Melbourne

Christian O’Connell’s award-winning Win A Billboard campaign is back and once again taking over the streets of Melbourne.

The Christian O’Connell Show’s “Win a Billboard” campaign has officially returned, inviting Melburnians to be a part of an extraordinary marketing experience. The campaign has won awards, presented by the Outdoor Media Association (OMA) and is an inclusive campaign that celebrates the voices and stories of listeners across the city.

Each morning, O’Connell is taking requests from callers with personal messages they want, including on the digital sites located across Melbourne. Previous billboards have included birthday messages, apologies and reminders to loved ones.

So far, this week has had a wide range of suggestions, from asking the Prime Minister to legalise cannabis to a warm welcome home story that has touched the heart of Melbourne, highlighting listeners of the show’s generosity, kindness and willingness to help those in need.

The Christian O’Connell Show’s “Win a Billboard” won the “Best Use of Multi-Format” award at the Quarter One Creative Collection competition for 2023, presented by The Outdoor Media Association (OMA) earlier this year.

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At the time the campaign launched, Christian O’Connell said, “It’s an idea I’ve wanted to do for a few years, and every show right now is like Christmas Day when I was 10 years old, and I’ve got a new shiny toy that Melbourne gets to play with. I can’t wait to find out what message someone wants and how we can help them. I love trying to break new ground and surprise our audience in the morning, and sticking to safe and predictable radio is for other shows who want to do the secret sound.”

Tony Haines, general manager EiMedia and one of the judges for the awards, said: “The scale and response of ARN’s The Christian O’Connell Show – GOLD104.3 (Melbourne) campaign stood out to me. They created a multi-format, digital OOH campaign, that connected directly with audiences. Outdoor advertising works brilliantly with other formats, and ARN has done this in a very clever and engaging way.”

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