Chas Licciardello and Scott Abbot – The Chaser’s Election Desk [2016 Ep 30]

Chas Licciardello and Scott Abbot from The Chaser’s Election Desk stop by the Mediaweek studio to discuss their upcoming show.

Continuing the long tradition of upsetting politicians on the Federal election trail, the Chaser are back on the ABC again this year with a new show. Licciardello fills us in on the production of the show and how the form and function of the shows stunts work. He also explains how the show will fit in with his hosting ABC News 24’s Planet America show – spoiler alert: it doesn’t.

Licciardello is joined by contributor Scott Abbot who details working with the team from The Chaser and how his work on the show aligns with his duty on The Chekout – another current Chaser production made in conjunction with CJZ.

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