Catch the Sun Communications to offer more hours to Aus advertising and marketing clients

Catch the Sun Communications

Meet the agency working in an opposite timezone to their clients

Canberra-based virtual editorial and content agency Catch the Sun Communications is offering Australian advertising and marketing clients more hours in their day by providing overnight editorial turnarounds.

For nearly six years, Catch the Sun has used time zone magic to extend the working day of UK- and Europe-based clients. Using a network of Australia-based freelancers, the agency completes copywriting, editing and proofreading work for northern-hemisphere clients ‘overnight’ while they sleep – by working during Australian office hours – with projects ready and waiting in UK inboxes around breakfast time each morning.

The agency is now reversing this model to benefit local Australian advertising agencies and marketing firms, using a team of editorial and content freelance professionals in the UK to complete projects overnight.

Founder Maddie Sinclair said: “Catch the Sun Communications exists because there really aren’t enough hours in the day. Having spent nearly 15 years of my career working in Australian and UK ad agencies, I know this is particularly true as a marketing project approaches its deadline.

“Not only does Catch the Sun increase the potential daily working hours for our time-pressed agencies and busy marketing department clients, but we provide them with certainty knowing their content is both excellent quality and error free.”

catch the sun

The Catch the Sun freelancer network is a team of copywriters, editors, and proofreaders, with the majority coming from the advertising, marketing, or publishing industries before choosing to go freelance. The network is predominantly female and includes many working mothers keen on flexible careers that fit around their families.

Claire Cocks, Catch the Sun’s operations and workflow manager, said: “Whether it’s a new website, a university prospectus, an annual report, or a complex press or direct mail campaign with many artwork versions, we make it easy to add an ‘extra peace of mind’ layer to a client’s sign-off process without it eating into their super-tight project timeline.”

Brighton (UK) marketing agency The Ideas House partners with Catch the Sun on major client projects, using Sinclair and her network as part of their team – on the other side of the globe.

Co-founder and director of The Ideas House, Cathryn Kronhamn, said: “Working with Catch the Sun works brilliantly for us. Theirs is a really clever offering that allows us to extend this value to our clients on a regular basis.

“As a female-run agency, The Ideas House has real synergies with Catch the Sun and the partnership is working really well for us. I’m sure reversing their model to benefit Australian companies will be a huge success, too.”

Catch the Sun’s local Australian clients have included the University of Canberra, Fujitsu, UNSW Canberra, NTT, Geoscience Australia, AECOM, the Australian National University, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), 2B Advertising and more.

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Top image: Maddie Sinclair and Claire Cocks

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