Casefile announces The Detective’s Dilemma to launch on Spotify

• This is the fifth Spotify exclusive in partnership with Casefile

Consistently owning the top spot on the Australian Podcast Ranker, Casefile has announced the launch of a new project. Casefile Presents: The Detective’s Dilemma, will be launching exclusively on Spotify.

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The series is told from the point of view of lead investigator Steve Fulcher and takes listeners through a crime-in-action kidnap investigation, which later became a murder investigation, and eventually also a serial killer investigation.


In March 2011, Sian Emma O’Callaghan, a 22-year-old woman disappeared from Swindon on her way home from the nightclub. Her body was found a few days later, nearly 20 kilometres away. Killed by her taxi driver, he later confessed and on 19 October 2012 was sentenced to life in prison. 

Without Steve’s unorthodox methods it is unlikely a confession would have been extracted, though this would later cost him his career and reputation for breach of Police Conduct.

This is the fifth Spotify exclusive in partnership with Australian true crime podcast, Casefile Presents, following the successful launches of The Vanishing of Vivienne Cameron,  Pseudocide, The Labyrinth and Searching for Sarah MacDiarmid.

Casefile is an Australian crime podcast that first aired in January 2016, and is hosted by an Australian man who remains anonymous. In the most recent Podcast Ranker, the show recorded 2,111,858 monthly downloads and 892,436 monthly listeners. It came in as the country’s #1 podcast in both the Australian made category as well as overall.

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