Magazine Rack: Breathe

There is a lot to do and read – its bimonthly circulation makes perfect sense

Title: Breathe
Edition: March/April 2017 – Issue #1
Price: $12.95
Pages: 120 pages (3 ad pages)
Cover lines that work: “Take a walk on the wild side”, “Simplify your relationship with the internet”
Editor: Nicole Schull
Publisher: Lovatts Media

The first issue of women’s lifestyle magazine, Breathe, is not exactly the type of magazine one would expect to be published by Lovatts Media. The publisher has been dominating the puzzle and crosswords space in Australia for about four decades.

For keen magazine readers, one can’t help but compare the look and feel of the title to its competitor, Frankie. When Mediaweek spoke to Lovatts Media CEO Rachael Northey, she emphasised that, like its puzzle titles, this magazine would carry minimal advertising (See this week’s Mediaweek magazine for more). The 120-page magazine has only three pages of advertising, including two pages of house ads.

Breathe is meant to provide escapism and allow its readers to digitally detox themselves. For those who enjoy getting a little creative, the magazine does not disappoint. There are relaxing reads like “Yoga, find your balance”, “Rediscover the lost art of letter writing” and “Reasons to be cheerful”. Along with this, Lovatts Media has carried its speciality into the mag by including papers that can be pulled out from the book to make origami cranes (instructions are included), colouring space under a section labelled “Creative Therapy” and space to write letters and make envelopes to post them in – the last is followed by an article about letter writing, mentioned earlier.

While the readers might struggle to go through the entire magazine in one sitting, Breathe is a title that one would want to keep. There is a lot to do and read – its bimonthly circulation makes perfect sense.

Digital: The title lives online at The magazine has a presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and Pinterest.

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