Born Bred Talent launches rebrand and new brand mission

Born Bred Talent

Stephanie Schiccitano: “We are excited to embark on this journey”

Born Bred Talent is unveiling its rebrand set for launch on November 1st.

This transformative initiative, a collaboration between the creative, content and talent agency and leading strategic branding agency Nectar & Co, reflects the agency’s commitment to innovation, creativity and fostering authentic connections in the ever-evolving digital landscape. 

Under the leadership of general manager, Stephanie Schiccitano, the agency has embraced a new brand mission: “Reach for the Bold.” This mantra encapsulates the agency’s dedication to pushing boundaries, championing creativity and delivering culturally relevant content for global brands. 

Working with Nectar & Co, a renowned Sydney-based branding agency, this rebrand and strategic positioning marks a significant milestone in BBT’s journey to date. The collaboration has culminated in a rebrand that not only reflects the values of the business but also sets new standards in the industry. With a focus on innovation, the agency is poised to revolutionise the way brands connect with their audiences. 

Schiccitano said of the rebrand: “Our rebrand signifies a new era for Born Bred Talent. We are not just redefining our image; we are redefining the way brands communicate with the world. ‘Reach for the Bold’ embodies our commitment to creativity, authenticity, impactful storytelling, and excellence.”

“We are excited to embark on this journey and invite everyone to join us as we push the boundaries of what’s possible,” she added.

The rebrand by Nectar & Co has already yielded significant accomplishments for Born Bred Talent, including successfully securing the Amazon Shopfront campaign brief across Australia and New Zealand, following fruitful campaigns with Optus and Google creative campaigns.

This initiative follows a period of remarkable growth for Born Bred Talent, highlighted by the addition of prominent talents to their roster. Olan Tekkers, Josh Mansour and Jax Weatherby are among the latest influencers and creators who have joined Born Bred Talent, further enriching the agency’s diverse pool of talent. 

John Paul Wager; managing director, Nectar & Co, said: “Working with Born Bred Talent has been a creative journey like no other. Our shared vision for storytelling and design-forward thinking has led to the development of an identity that not unites their team and services, but captures the true essence of Born Bred Talent as an innovator and industry leader.”

Born Bred Talent and its respective creative agency, Born Bred Creative today are proud to unveil their bold new identity for brands, creators and industry, encouraging all to embrace the spirit of creativity, authenticity and innovation for a future where brands dare to be bold.

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