Avid Collective launches Avid Native with independent publishers and local influencers


• The network enables advertisers to run native content campaigns at scale

Avid Collective has launched Avid Native, a scalable native content solution.

It enables advertisers to run native content campaigns at scale across more than 50 Australian independent publishers and hundreds of local influencers, covering every major demographic, passion point, and category.

Managing director, Luke Spano said: “This is such a valuable proposition to advertisers as we know brands want to invest more in native content but have been deterred by high production costs that eat up campaign budgets, along with the lack of ability to efficiently work with a range of media partners.

“There just haven’t been enough scalable offerings in the market to make it worth the investment of advertising dollars or time, until now,” he added.

Avid Native uses Avid’s proprietary content amplification, reporting and optimisation platform, AVA, as well as Avid’s powerful audience targeting offering, Avid Data.

“Our native content solution, supercharged by AVA and all of its tools, makes the ROI for advertisers more worthwhile. With Avid Native you can brief once and personalise everywhere – this is the next generation of native content as a marketing solution for Australian brands,” Spano said.

Native content has typically been viewed as a resource-intensive channel with a difficult buying process and a fragmented market, with many different media partner options. The launch of Avid Native allows advertisers to run native content campaigns across a range of Australia’s best publishers and influencers on one platform, that is built to make native content simpler and more scalable.

Combining the Avid Native network with Avid’s existing capabilities for campaign workflow management, content amplification, audience targeting and performance optimisation, along with its approach to personalisation, presents a compelling opportunity for brands by unlocking scale at all stages of the native content process, offering advertisers a single point of access to many media partners, with simplified end-to-end campaign workflows.

“We are so excited that so many exceptional publishers have joined our network. Avid Native is instantly the most influential and scalable native content offering in Australia. Within the network, we have some of the most engaged audiences in the country,” Spano said.

Many brands have already leveraged the Avid Native offering, including eBay, Coles Liquor Group, Zambrero, Mr Black Spirits, Cashrewards, Adrenaline, and a host of others, with advertisers already running multiple campaigns with Avid Native or currently in planning to do so.

Spano said: “Foundation clients have been extremely impressed by the scale, diversity, cut through and accountability of our solutions and our ability to execute fast and with precision.”

Most notably, a recent Christmas campaign for one advertiser included 45 content pieces across 19 partners that were live in a matter of days from the brief. The campaign achieved more than 7 million impressions and drove over 67,000 consumers to the advertiser’s website across a two-week period.

Avid Collective launched its proprietary content marketing platform, AVA, in July 2021, which was developed to supercharge the performance of native content across Avid’s digital media network and to simplify workflows at every stage of the content publishing lifecycle.

In September 2021, Avid launched its native content targeting solution, Avid Data, giving advertisers access to consumer data segments that leverage data from partners including Unpacked by Flybuys, Lotame, Eyeota, Roy Morgan, Nielsen, and Domain.

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