Avid Collective announces the launch of Avid Platform 2.0

Avid Platform 2.0

Luke Spano: “It will change the industry’s perspective on the opportunity that native content provides to brands”

Avid Collective has announced the launch of the Avid Platform 2.0.

The Avid Platform 2.0 makes it easier for brands to reach and engage Australian audiences through native content campaigns with more than 140 publishers, including Daily Mail Australia, passion point publishers such as We Are Explorers and Mouths of Mums, and local tastemakers Junkee and Gourmet Traveller. 

In a world where audiences are more disengaged than ever before, native content is emerging as the antidote, which is why it’s one of the fastest-growing ad channels. Brands using native content are taking advantage of the value of audience engagement to enhance message association, brand awareness, and consideration – leading to higher effectiveness in campaigns. 

Luke Spano, managing director at Avid Collective, said: “Brands are constantly looking for ways to better engage audiences, and with the release of Platform 2.0, we’re poised to help them do it more effectively than ever before. We’ve unlocked native content at scale with some of the most influential publishers in the country, and we believe this will be a major step in changing the advertising landscape.

“Marketers and agencies have already driven strong outcomes using our ‘1.0’ platform offering, which is why we’re excited to launch Platform 2.0. It will change the industry’s perspective on the opportunity that native content provides to brands.”

Avid Collective has invested in enhancing its existing platform offering and building new tools including: 

• Campaign Planner: Plan native content campaigns leveraging 550+ products from 140+ publishers, as easily as online shopping, and build customisable media plans in under 10 minutes 
Campaign Workflows: New campaign management tool that handles each step of the campaign process, making it simpler to run campaigns
Automated Campaign Timelines: Keeping campaign timelines on track by having defined required actions and deadlines at every step of the campaign
Dynamic To- Dos: Never miss a next step with to-dos for each stakeholder within the campaign
In-Line Content Editor & Workflows: A new way to collaborate during content production with review, feedback, and suggestions functionality to make working with content at scale easy
Integrated Live Reporting Dashboards: A transparent, unified interface across multiple sources that provides greater visibility and better optimisations

Nicole Bardsley, chief marketing officer for Cashrewards, said the platform ultimately means that they can now do more with less: “It tripled the range and impact of what we would normally be able to achieve.”

Phoebe Howell, associate director of connections planning at Mindshare, said: “Avid’s platform offers an intuitive interface, the streamlined workflow has reduced untold hours of time and effort, enabling us all to focus on what matters most – creating exceptional content to engage audiences.”

Through the Avid Platform 2.0, Avid Collective is poised to address the challenges posed by today’s advertising landscape, where consumers demand relevance, authenticity, and trust. 

Top image: Luke Spano

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