Avid Collective and Brand Metrics partner on native content campaign insights

Avid Collecive and Brand Metrics

Avid will measure the impact of brand awareness, brand consideration, brand preference, and action intent.

Avid Collective has partnered with measurement company Brand Metrics to provide its clients with insights into the success of their native content campaigns.

The partnership will allow the native content network’s brand partners and agencies to measure the true impact of native content campaigns, like engagement duration, impressions and reach, to fully understand brand uplift across the marketing funnel, in addition to providing digital metrics.

Avid will also, for the first time, measure the impact of its native content campaigns across four key additional metrics: brand awareness, brand consideration, brand preference, and action intent. It is one of the only platforms to measure brand uplift for native campaigns running across multiple publishers.

The Avid team has worked closely with Brand Metrics to ensure brand effectiveness studies can be created on written native content campaigns.

Avid Collective - Ezechiel Ritchie


Ezechiel Ritchie, commercial director at Avid Collective, said the company aims to innovate its products and solutions at a rapid pace. He noted that a major focus for the business is developing the measurement of channel impact and providing marketers with a clear understanding and insight into the success of content campaigns.

“Following extensive research, we believe the partnership with Brand Metrics will create a cost-effective way for brands and agencies to get robust reporting on campaigns they couldn’t previously receive.

“We see measurement of native content as a critical pillar for our clients using the channel in the coming years, particularly in driving lift across the funnel. This partnership allows Avid, Brand Metrics and our clients to see that uplift.”

Gavin Merwood, commercial lead APAC at Brand Metrics, added that the partnership has allowed the measurement company to highlight how running native content across multiple publisher types can move the needle on mid-funnel brand lift metrics for advertisers.

“The scalable nature of our platform means Avid Collective can easily measure large volumes of campaign and strengthen its data set, as well as using the brand lift data to provide new insight to inform future campaigns.”

The partnership follows the recent launch of the Avid Platform 2.0, which makes high-quality campaigns easier through greater access, impact and scale.

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