Paramount Upfront 2024: Australian Survivor to host global shoppable TV pilot for Paramount

shoppable tv pilot

The move will not only be a first for Paramount globally, but also a first for the Australian market

Paramount Global has selected Paramount Australia as the pilot market for a Shoppable TV initiative that provides a seamless consumer experience for viewers to purchase products from their favourite show, straight from their connected TV screen.

This advertising innovation was crafted in collaboration with technology partner KERV and will not only be a first for Paramount globally, but also a first for the Australian market.

Lee Sears, executive vice president, head of international advertising sales and integrated marketing, Paramount Global said: “We’re thrilled to be deepening our global partnership with KERV and Paramount Australia has played a key role in extending this collaboration with the Shoppable TV proof of concept.

“The local expertise of the Paramount Australia Sales team, combined with an advanced and bold Australian advertising industry that leans into innovation, provides the ideal market to trial new technologies like Shoppable TV that have the potential to influence our global strategy,” added Lee.

Shoppable TV will integrate KERV’s technology, providing consumers with an engaging and convenient shopping experience via their remote-control, allowing viewers to watch, pause, browse, select and shop brands and products they have just viewed.

Viewers will receive an on-screen message inviting them to pause content and explore Survivor merchandise available in the Paramount Shop. Once paused a feature product carousel will appear showcasing available products and a ‘Shop Now’ call to action. After selecting a product, a shoppable screen will expand providing detailed product information and a QR code directing viewers to ‘Shop Now’.

The Shoppable TV pilot during Australian Survivor will provide insights on the technology before rolling out to other international markets in Paramount’s global business.

Rod Prosser, chief sales officer, Paramount Australia said: “Proactively testing this proof of concept in our own business and ecosystem demonstrates our confidence and commitment to pave the way forward with contextual, immersive and choice-based advertising experiences.

“We’re also incredibly proud to be the pilot market for this intuitive consumer experience that deepens audience connection and engagement with content, simplifies the customer journey and bridges the gap between content discovery and purchase.

“This technology has the potential to take brand integrations to the next level and is testament to our commitment and expertise in pushing boundaries and adopting strategies that elevate brands and connect with contemporary consumer behaviour and expectations,” said Prosser.

Marika Roque, chief operating officer and chief innovation officer, KERV said: “Paramount’s global pilot of Shoppable TV is also a major milestone for the Australian advertising industry. It will seamlessly integrate content and purchase options for an immersive and choice-based viewing experience, for the first time in this market.

“The pilot will also test and refine new advertising technologies that elevate brand reach and meet the expectations of contemporary consumers. We’re excited to embark on this journey and trailblaze the way viewers engage with advertising with an innovation-first partner like Paramount.”

Clients and agencies can connect with Paramount Australia now to register their interest in Shoppable TV with the pilot due to be completed by March 2024.

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