Australian Survivor Ep 2: The Champions Even The Score

• As Survivor roars ahead, Contender Laura Choong, NSW, 31, eliminated

The game of Australian Survivor is well and truly underway with the Contenders having to face their first Tribal Council after being dominated by the Champions in both challenges. In the end, it was NSW’s Laura Choong whose fate was sealed as the tribe sent her home.

At the reward challenge, both tribes battled it out for a fishing kit, tarp and materials to build a raft. Choosing two contestants from each tribe, they had to use brute strength to push a giant turnstile against each other and make it over the line. The Contenders gave it everything they had but in the end, the Champions walked away the winners.

Armed with their fishing kit, ET lead the tribe out to a fishing adventure, while Luke’s mind was focused on a potential idol clue hidden in the reward raft. Knowing it was too risky to search during the day, the King of the Jungle waited for the Champions to fall asleep before going on the hunt for his idol clue. This was no mean feat with Ross keeping most of the tribe members awake with his snoring. Having searched the raft material meticulously, Luke’s gamble paid off as he finally found the clue.

Arriving at the Immunity Challenge, both tribes were faced with the ultimate test of strength. An obstacle course that saw the contestants slide into a mud pit before racing over two walls, knocking them over and dragging a 400kg box filled with puzzle pieces through mud.

Both tribes were neck and neck in the first half but the Contender’s strength let them down when couldn’t lift their box through to the end. Steven and Ross, raced through their puzzle to claim the win for the Champions.

The Contenders returned to their beach defeated but wasted no time laying plans on who would be the first tribe member voted out. In Matt’s mind, there was only one clear choice with Baden being the weakest link when it comes to strength. But Harry had other ideas as he plotted Laura’s exit, viewing her as a strategic threat down the line.

At tribal council, the vote was split between Laura and Baden, but after Baden’s heartfelt speech about being on Survivor for the introverts, he changed minds and votes, making Laura the second person voted out of Australian Survivor.

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