Audience Precision unveils proprietary technology platform Precise360

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• The technology is a world-first

Sydney-based global media consultancy and technology business Audience Precision has unveiled its proprietary end-to-end technology platform Precise360® in world-first.

Audience Precision has spent the past seven years building a suite of proprietary tools and refining the technology platform to achieve faster and more successful business outcomes for brands.

The agency develops and manages global campaigns in 30 countries for clients including Warner Music, RM Williams, Lyre’s Non-Alcoholic Spirits, L’Occitane and several more.

Precise360® is the brainchild of Haydon Bray, the former chairman of Carat, and technologist Jeremy Cath, who previously worked with Microsoft Azure and Amazon Alexa and FireTV.

Audience Precision Global CEO, Haydon Bray, said, “We have created something, from what we are aware, that multinational media agencies have been unable to do, anywhere in the world. I began this journey because I was frustrated by cumbersome and slow processes that have prevented agencies implementing the core marketing fundamentals for campaign development. I wanted to create something that removed menial tasks, had inbuilt quality control around marketing fundamentals, could operate from anywhere, and used the principles of focussed optimisation for a great user experience.

“Audience Precision has become a proof of concept for Precise360®. We believe we are at least three years ahead of traditional media agencies, who focus on cheap impressions with little quality control, and a high churn and burn out rate of their people. There’s a better way.”

Audience Precision Global CEO, Haydon Bray

For Audience Precision clients, Precise360® delivers quality improvement, greater audience connection and engagement, attention scores for video, faster campaign builds delivered in days not weeks, integrated metric calculators, a global process, plus much more.

For Audience Precision, Precise360® has proven to increase productivity by up to three times minimum. For example, strategy development for a client typically takes 2.5 people in an agency up to 100 hours to complete – at Audience Precision the same task takes one person 16 hours, a productivity improvement of 6.3 times.

The platform has also proven to strip out between 20% to 50% of media spend wastage for brands. For example, a media strategy developed for a client with regular TV activity yielded 47% savings to deliver the same impact as previous campaigns, while another campaign delivered 11 times higher average reach per spot against their psychographic target audience and 31% higher reach.

“Technology enhancements in media have focused purely on optimisation of media buying as client budgets are being spent. Audience Precision has built strategy guidance technology that enhances the entire marketing process and optimises it with a strategy lens. We apply a focus on consumer behavioural research which delivers psychographic audiences.

“Then we deep dive into 40,000 datapoints on the behaviour, preferences, beliefs, and marketing touchpoints of those audiences, delivering actionable marketing insights. We use those insights to plan and buy media across any digital or offline media channel delivering higher connection and attention scores, regardless of budget,” Bray said.

“Our platform is not only intelligent, but also ridiculously fast, giving our clever people more time to think and craft match-winning campaigns and our less experienced team members a genuine fast-track to their skills development.”

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