Atomic 212° rolls out O’Brien’s first campaign aimed at younger demo

Atomic 212° - O'Brien 2024 campaign (1)

The campaign marks the first time the 100-year-old brand has used BVOD, YouTube, and gaming ads to complement its linear TV advertising.

Independent media agency Atomic 212° has launched a campaign for glass company O’Brien, aimed at younger consumers.

The Stop! Repair time! campaign is the first time the 100-year-old glass repair and replacement provider has used BVOD, YouTube, and gaming ads to complement its linear TV advertising.

The agency’s new ad, aimed at people aged 18 to 34, introduces singing French bulldog Winston and expert technician Nat in a dramatised account of how a seemingly small windscreen chip can really spoil a trip.

Atomic 212° group account director, Jess Torstensson, said: “O’Brien is a household name in windscreens and glass. The O’Brien jingle and ads are something many Australians over 35 have grown up with, but younger car owners are less familiar with the brand.

“O’Brien is celebrating its centenary this year, so for an iconic Australian brand to recognise the need to evolve its approach – with both its hugely successful creative and channel mix – is a testament to the insight and collaboration between the whole agency and client village.

“It’s been a true collaboration by O’Brien’s marketing department, Mime Analytics, Two Giraffes, and Atomic 212° and we’re very proud it.”

Nick Street, O’Brien’s commercial director, added: “O’Brien is driven by serving its customers, and we recognised there was a segment of the car-owning market that we haven’t really spoken to.
“Consumers under 35 are looking for quick, affordable and sustainable solutions and products, and O’Brien chip repair is faster, cheaper and greener than installing an entirely new windscreen. It’s been an exciting challenge to expand our channel and creative thinking with Atomic 212° to land this message with the younger audience.”


Nick Street, Commercial Director, O’Brien
Bridie Commerford, Consulting Head of Group Marketing, O’Brien
Claudia Johnston, Senior Marketing Manager, O’Brien
Arielle Peters, CEO & Creative Director, Two Giraffes
Emily Whitefield, Creative Producer, Two Giraffes
Chris Thompson, Creative Producer, Two Giraffes
Bernard Braithwaite, Co-Founder, MIME Analytics
Jess Torstensson, Group Account Director, Atomic 212°
Jesse Chapman, Planning & Trading Director, Atomic 212°
Anne Mui, Programmatic Director, Atomic 212°
Paris Mcilwrath, Planning & Trading Executive, Atomic 212° 

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