Archibald Williams launches insights work backed by research with Neilsen

Archibald Williams report

The paper challenges the current state of marketing automation comms and effectiveness of existing approaches

Archibald Williams has leaned into the agency’s strategic DNA with its latest proactive work to understand the current Australian consumer mindset.

Like many agencies and brands, Archibald Williams has been navigating the more frequently changing sentiments and behaviours of audiences over the last two years to respond to marketing challenges and briefs.

Archibald Williams’ white paper, backed by bespoke research with Neilsen: Beyond the Algorithm, challenges the current state of marketing automation comms and the effectiveness of the existing approach to algorithms and data.

Simple realisations around even our own personal lives stand out in the paper as the argument is made – everything is starting to feel a bit same-same. How many of us are deleting a barrage of marketing emails on our phone every morning without a second glance? How many of us are feeling like there’s nothing new on Netflix these days to watch (until you happen to log in from a new account at your AirBnB)?

The independent agency’s strategy team tested their hypothesis and commissioned some bespoke research with Neilsen, which shed some great insights on the issue. 

Archibald Williams report

Confirmation bias is at its highest, and amongst the background of COVID and a growing marketing automation industry, consumers are fatigued. Australian audiences are telling marketers what they want – it’s time to listen.

The thought originally arose from a retail context but feels relevant for a wide variety of industries.

Positioned as a light read for curious and trailblazing marketing minds, AW invites marketers across all industries to get involved in the conversation and see why the agency thinks these times call for a reinvigoration of creative into the customer relationship marketing game.

Archibald Williams was founded in 2012 on the collective experience of Stuart Archibald and Bram Williams and the belief that when a brand and customer communications unite, it transforms businesses.

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