Analytic Partners unveils new brand identity

Analytic Partners

The new look highlights the organisation’s deep expertise and commitment to precision

Analytic Partners has announced the launch of a new brand identity to build on its recent growth trajectory at MMA POSSIBLE, in Miami.

The commercial analytics company‘s new brand evolves the look and feel of the category-defining brand, bringing a contemporary level of sophistication to align with Analytic Partners’ transformation over the past couple of years.

The new look is a vibrant, dynamic system that mirrors Analytic Partners’ platform and history as an industry leader. The brand’s evolution reflects the company based on people, platform, and expertise that delivers revenue-driving growth for its customers.
The result is a distinct and scalable design uniquely belonging to Analytic Partners. Based on fine geometric lines and dynamic, multi-dimensional patterns, it highlights the organisation’s deep expertise and commitment to precision.

Fleur Sohtz, CMO of Analytic Partners, said: “As marketers, our job is to create powerful connections with our customers in a way that drives sales and growth. Our brands are an important tool to achieve that.”

“Analytic Partners’ new brand reflects the crystallisation of our goal to bring a comprehensive understanding of the real drivers of any business and how you can adapt the factors you control to create growth and new opportunities.”

For over 20 years, Analytic Partners has paved the way for marketers to make informed decisions using data. The company provides marketers with the insights and technology to take their place at the heart of their organisations as they build brands, support growth, create better connections and make better decisions.  

Unlike traditional measurement platforms, Analytic Partners uses commercial analytics to represent every aspect of the customer journey as data, providing a unique and transformative lens through which brands can understand and engage with their customers.
It incorporates brand, customer, product, operational and external factors for a full view. The analytics are more impactful and provide a wider perspective, with multi-dimensional insights at both strategic and tactical levels that can be leveraged across the business to optimise performance and drive growth. These insights are delivered with speed and scale and allow analysis to move beyond report cards and have an impact across functions.

Over the past few months, Analytic Partners has accelerated its growth with strategic investment from Onex Partners, and an expanded bench of executive leadership, including chief marketing officer, chief people officer and general counsel appointments.
Earlier this year, the firm extended its U.S. footprint to include a presence in Dallas, TX, and strengthened its board of directors with Dick’s Sporting Goods Chief eCommerce Officer, Denise Karkos, former IHS Markit Executive VP, Todd Hyatt and Sterling CEO, Joshua Peirez.

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