Amobee adds Innovid to grow cross-platform measurement and attribution tools


• The collaboration will drive data-driven insights for advertisers and engage with relevant audiences

Amobee has added independent CTV advertising delivery and measurement platform, Innovid, to its offering of cross-platform measurement and attribution tools.

The goal of this collaboration is to drive independent, data-driven insights for advertisers to effectively reach and engage with relevant audiences with relevant messages across TV inventory at scale.

Through converged TV measurement, Innovid, who recently acquired global converged TV measurement provider TVSquared, creates unique opportunities for advertisers to maximise reach, identify the right audiences and drive business growth.

Now available to Amobee clients across Australia, the always-on TVSquared by Innovid platform generates reach and frequency, incremental reach and performance insights to effectively measure TV across all platforms.

Adam Hunt, director, BD and partnerships at Amobee, said: “We are heavily investing in partnerships that give advertisers more flexibility and control so they can achieve their business goals across the total TV landscape – whatever that may look like.”

“We’ve added Innovid to our mix of partners to offer our clients access to their world-class automated platform for the deepest insights into converged TV campaigns. Together with our partners, we are shaping a modern TV ecosystem centred around independence, interoperability and collaboration,” he said.

Through its work with Amobee, the TVSquared by Innovid platform has measured converged TV campaigns for Australian advertisers across key categories such as retail, food delivery and travel.

Praful Desai, Australia business development director, TVSquared by Innovid, said: “Amobee shares our vision of a global data-driven TV advertising powered by collaboration, independence and automation.”

“This partnership is giving advertisers the solution they need to achieve a unified view of audiences for TV everywhere, along with the depth of insights to inform cross-platform TV advertising.”

Amobee provides clients with solutions that drive results in any format, across any screen, to optimise reach across desired audiences and deliver desired business outcomes that are focused on the customer experience.

The platform unifies TV and digital to provide advertisers with advanced data management and media planning capabilities as well as actionable, real-time market research and proprietary audience data.

Amobee also empowers media companies with sophisticated audience-based planning technology that helps them efficiently meet marketers’ goals while managing the business challenges and technical complexities of the converging world.

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