AKQA introduces Fixie, the AI assistant helping you craft a more sustainable holiday season

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Ajaz Ahmed: “It’s the gift that keeps on giving.”

Design and innovation company AKQA has introduced Fixmas.gift, a new AI-powered DIY assistant named Fixie, designed to promote sustainability during the holiday season.

The tool offers easy-to-follow guides and inspiration, encouraging users to extend the life of their belongings, reduce waste, and explore pre-owned items. Powered by iFixit and OpenAI, Fixie helps troubleshoot common issues, provides step-by-step DIY instructions, suggests eco-friendly options like recycling or donating, and champions the Right to Repair movement.

With the holiday season approaching and increased consumer spending, Fixmas.gift aims to address the financial strain on families. According to WorldRemit’s 2023 study, global spending is expected to rise by up to 24%. AKQA’s environmentally conscious initiative aims to counteract excessive spending on new items, promoting sustainable practices.

Ajaz Ahmed, founder and chef executive officer of AKQA, described the environmental benefits of the initiative, stating, “Fixmas embodies the spirit of the holidays with the gift of renewal. Our AI-powered companion Fixie encourages mending, repairing, and extending the lifespan of cherished belongings to reduce wastage and conserve precious resources. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.”

As part of Fixmas.gift’s launch, AKQA produced a film with a heartwarming narrative to show the joy of gifting repaired items back to their owners on Christmas Day. The film was created in partnership with director Theo James Krekis and production company Knucklehead.

AKQA Fixmas from AKQA on Vimeo.

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