This Is Flow, The Media Store and Sparro & Jack Nimble among the agencies named Australia’s Best Workplaces 2023

Australia's Best Workplaces 2023

The list was determined by an annual workforce study representing almost 50,000 employees across Australia

Great Place To Work has unveiled Australia’s Best Workplaces of 2023 across micro, small, medium and large-sized companies. Among them, several agencies made the cut.

As the global authority on workplace culture, the list was determined by an annual workforce study through its Trust Index Survey and Culture Management platform Emprising, representing almost 50,000 employees across Australia.

The survey allows employees to share confidential quantitative and qualitative feedback about their organisation’s culture by responding to 60 statements on a 5-point scale and answering two open-ended questions. These statements describe a great employee experience, defined by high levels of trust, respect, credibility, fairness, pride, and camaraderie.



Australia's Best Workplaces 2023 - Efcomm

Based on the Gold Coast, the agency boasts a team of 27 employees. Last week, EFCOMM shared an Instagram that showed off their award and the caption: “Officially the Best Place To Work in Australia.”

According to the agency’s website, its “purpose is to provide genuine opportunities for motivated individuals to learn to become excellent leaders in a world falling in short supply of them.

“By putting the growth, recognition and fulfilment of our staff before anything else, it ensures that the clients we represent get the best results possible, because the people representing their brand love what they do.”

This is the second time EFCOMM has made the list. Last year, the agency ranked number three in the small business category.

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8. Welcome

Australia's Best Workplaces 2023 - welcome.

At number eight is the Sydney-based agency, welcome. The agency noted that it invests in its people’s future, creates inclusive working environments, and builds cultures based on openness, optimism and a commitment to extraordinary work.

“We’re using our creativity, expertise, relationships and scale to help build a more sustainable and equitable world. We bring together talented people, unrivalled capabilities and outstanding creativity to deliver transformational results for our clients,” the agency highlighted.


1. This Is Flow

This Is Flow has taken the lead in the small business category after being ranked number one in Australia’s Best Workplaces List for 2023.

The agency has quadrupled its staff in the last 12 months, moved to larger offices, and experienced rapid client growth in a relatively short period of time. This kind of growth and positive performance indicates effective business strategies, client satisfaction, and a rich and diverse culture.

This is Flow team August 2023 (1)

This is Flow team

Jimmy Hyett, founder and CEO, This is Flow, said: “We couldn’t be prouder to be recognised beyond our own industry, and into a mix of all businesses across Australia. Baked into our ethos, is that our people drive the business, its strategy and its success. And this ranking is a testament to that approach, the incredible team, culture and passion that exists within Flow, and it gives us the confidence that what we have created is very special in this marketplace.”

Last year, This Is Flow was third on the list in the micro business category.

13. The Media Store

The Media Store claimed number 13 on the Great Place to Work® list. The independent agency was recognised for its inclusive, family work culture. All the agency’s initiatives are founded on the “Five Ways of Wellbeing” framework and are borne from its people.

The agency offers extensive staff benefits to support work-life flow and personal wellbeing, invest heavily in training and coaching and encourages transparent communication. With a complementary leadership duo in CEO Stephen Leeds and chief operating officer Jacquie Alley, the team has genuine support and access to the owners of the business, who are laser-focused on being people first.

Stephen Leeds and Jacquie Alley

Nicole Boyd, head of client services: “Through transformational change, TMS have never lost their heart and soul and have been true to their vision and values, built and embraced by all. At TMS I feel encouraged, supported, trusted, valued, cared about and it’s a joy to come to work.

“They invest significantly both financially and in time in personal development through training, coaching, and mentoring to bring out the best in their teams. They embrace regular staff feedback, formal and informal, and through this have fully supported work life balance, sustainability, and community initiatives valued by the team. 

“Performance is not measured on hours but rather output and trust is given to allow flexibility. Stephen and Jacquie walk the talk, caring about their employees and respecting their opinions at all levels. I think the culture at TMS is best described by a returning team member – ‘while there are many changes and new faces at TMS, the one thing I love most is that the culture and positive environment has not changed’.”

The Media Store team

Annie Marendaz, TMS performance director, said: “It was clear from my initial interview that the senior team leads from the heart and has a deep passion for people and making change. TMS has seen a strong presence of women at the top, they take feedback graciously, allowing for robust discussions on the best way forward for the agency, and allowing all team members, at any level, to come forward with ideas. This creates a safe place for all.”

Jacquie Alley, COO/Director at The Media Store, said. “Fostering a healthy, happy and inclusive culture has always been our priority here at TMS.

“In fact, this intangible specialness of our culture, with a genuine sense of belonging, has been part of the agency’s DNA since day one 26 years ago. Our people are cared for, rewarded, and developed to be the best media practitioners they can be. Our clients are the direct beneficiaries of a cohesive team who love to come to work to innovate and deliver business results. We couldn’t be prouder of this acknowledgement, that belongs to every TMS-family member who has been on the reimagination journey with us. We congratulate our indie friends at This is Flow too, who were the only other agency on the esteemed list!

21. The Being Group

Australia's Best Workplaces 2023 - the being group

The Being Group, a multidisciplinary creative services agency with offices in Sydney and London, joins the list at number 21.

The agency has a team of 42 that work with a range of startups and small businesses, as well as companies businesses and government agencies to deliver innovative, impactful solutions.

Employees working with the agency have said: “The Being Group is generous in every aspect; with time and knowledge, with experience and support, and with acknowledgement and praise. This generosity comes from everyone in the business. Every Being brings something more than just trade skills — whether they contribute ideas, initiatives, bonding activities or just positive energy.

“The Being Group is a workplace where support, collaboration and fun happen naturally. Our company is everything it is because of our people. We know that if we continue to do right by one another, that’s enough.”


6. Sparro & Jack Nimble

Australia's Best Workplaces 2023 - sparro x jack nimble

Sparro & Jack Nimble in Sydney claim number six on Australia’s Best Workplaces List for 2023. The company is an independent agency pair of 110 digital marketers, data scientists, producers and creatives.

Sparro was founded in 2013 by brothers Morris and Cameron Bryant, who set out to do digital marketing right, work with people they love, and achieve the ultimate work-life balance. Separately, Jack Nimble was founded in 2016 by long-time friends Adam Wise and Angus Mullane and was the first and only social-first content production agency.

In 2021, the two agencies came together, and today it continues to develop the industry’s future leaders, delivering innovative data-led work and challenging notions of what independent agencies can achieve.

Sparro & Jack Nimble team

Hannah Jones, general manager of Sparro, told Mediaweek: “We place the well-being of our people at the core of our entire business, so it means a lot to have those efforts recognised by the Great Place to Work®. Sparro acquired Jack Nimble just under two years ago, and we’ve been working hard to maintain our small, caring, family-owned culture even as we’ve grown together.

“To become a Certified Great Place to Work for the first time in April, and then be shortlisted together as one of Australia’s Best Workplaces — even among international businesses with global headquarters — is an achievement we are really proud of.

“We believe that what really makes us stand out is our vision to develop the industry leaders of the future. We recognise the need to lead cultural change in our industry, so we focus on hiring ambitious and talented people who (vitally) believe in lifting up those around them. We want to create a workplace culture where personal development, a cohesive team and a healthy work-life balance aren’t just possible — they’re near inevitable.”

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