Advertising Industry Careers (AIC) launches go-to site for jobs in the media and advertising industries

AIC jobs page Adam Elliott and Owen Joyce

The platform aims to serve as marketing platform to promote careers in the industry to a broader audience. 

A new platform that aims to serve as the go-to destination for jobs in the advertising, media, and creative industries has launched today, providing the first holistic industry careers site. 

Advertising Industry Careers (AIC) aims to revolutionise the way industry talent connects with employers by providing a job and careers hub with detailed employer profiles, training and education information and a career matching tool. 

Adam Elliot, chief executive of AIC, told Mediaweek the aim was to serve as a marketing platform to promote careers in the industry to a broader audience. 

“We are in the marketing and advertising industry – yet we don’t market ourselves as an industry to showcase the diverse roles and opportunities that are available.  

“We saw the opportunity to market the whole industry because we have all these silos – the MFA does its thing, the IMAA does its thing, and the IAB does its thing – but we are all part of the one ecosystem, and everyone wins if we can bring it all together to attract the best talent and match the best candidates with the right role. 

“Young people at school and university have no idea about the breadth of opportunities and jobs that exist across the industry.

“Companies like Atlassian and Canva are getting hundreds of thousands of applicants a day of people who want to work at those companies, and the reality is we need a lot of those same skill sets in our industry, but the people finishing universities don’t think of us,” said Elliot. 

To address this, the AIC will work closely with universities and industry bodies to help promote the industry as well as launch a broader marketing campaign to generate awareness. 

The campaign, titled ‘It’s not who you know, it’s knowing where to go’, will roll out on Network 10 and Ten Play this week to help promote the platform to people outside the industry as well as those already working in the market but looking for new opportunities. 

The platform launches with a number of media companies, agencies and industry bodies already on board including Dentsu, Nine, iProspect, SCA and UM, among a host of others. 

AIC has also inked strategic partnerships with Paramount and Mediaweek to promote jobs and career opportunities to generate greater awareness and attract top-tier candidates. 

“Advertising Industry Careers transforms the way professionals and organisations connect in our industry. Choosing where to work is a major decision that impacts people’s lives and can’t be taken lightly. Our aim is to provide a space where candidates can get a really good feel for an organisation before they apply. We’re also providing space for organisations with truly great cultures to show it off – we want them attracting the best people,” said Elliott.

“Our strategic partnerships with Paramount and Mediaweek underscore our commitment to bringing together the best talent and the most innovative organisations in the Australian advertising, creative, and media landscape,” he added.

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