Abbie Chatfield responds to Laura Byrne labelling her a hypocrite after being named host of FBoy Island

Abbie Chatfield

Chatfield: “Don’t make weird assumptions off a show that hasn’t even been created yet.”

Laura Byrne has commented on Abbie Chatfield’s newest reality TV hosting role, calling it an “absolute hypocrisy.”

Earlier today, Chatfield was named as the host of BINGE’s first original reality series, FBoy Island.

Byrne’s comments come after the ongoing discourse surrounding her Life Uncut co-host Brittany Hockley and Chatfield, where Chatfield called out Hockley and Kyle Sandilands about comments labelled as slut-shaming.

In a series of Instagram stories, Byrne made aim at Chatfield, writing: “Talks about dismantling the patriarchy.

“Announces that they are hosting F-Boy island. A show that encourages men to lie to women and manipulate their emotions in order to win a cash prize. 

“That is enough internet for me today.”

Chatfield quickly responded to Byrne on her Instagram stories.

“I would not turn up to the show if that was the premise,” she said.

“You need to address what your co-host did rather than trying to retaliate in this passive aggressive way. At least tag me, babe.”

“But don’t make weird assumptions off a show that hasn’t even been created yet,” she said.

She then added: “You can all roast me if you watch the full series and think it’s fucked but don’t make weird assumptions off a show you haven’t seen and hasn’t even been created yet.”

“Also Laura if you’re really such a staunch feminist and you’re going to dissect this show that you haven’t watched yet and you are reformed from that time you shamed me when I was on The Bachelor, then I would think you would’ve DM’d me when this thing broke and said ‘I’m sorry and I don’t stand by what Britt or Kyle did.

“It’s inappropriate, I’ve spoken to her.’ But you didn’t. All you’ve done is post atories about me to try and catch me out but you didn’t even catch me out because you didn’t see the show.”


Speaking with Yung Gravy live on-air, Sandilands and Hockley asked the rapper about his dating life, to which he told the pair he had asked Abbie Chatfield on a date after appearing on her podcast.

In response to this, Sandilands said, “You and everyone else. Line up, my friend. Line up.”

“We have a date planned,” Gravy added, to which Hockley said, “I have no doubt,” followed by back-and-forth commentary that has been labelled as slut-shaming. 

Chatfield spoke out about the “slut-shaming” on her It’s A Lot podcast, “The issue that people like Kyle and Brittany have with me is that I’m able to speak about sexuality in a way that isn’t shameful, and they think that that must equate to f**king around every single day and having sex every single day when actually it’s just that.

“I don’t have the shame that they have, and therefore they’re projecting it on to me,” she said.

She also addressed the situation in a series of Instagram stories. 

In a written Instagram post, Hockley responded to the backlash by writing, “Firstly, I want to apologise for the undercurrent misogynistic tones that the interview had.

“The nature of live radio is unpredictable and often unplanned, which was the case with the direction that this conversation took.”

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