7NEWS.com.au launches jobs platform in partnership with CareerOne

7NEWS.com.au jobs

The new job portal will list more than 120,000 vacancies

The Seven Network’s 7NEWS.com.au has partnered with CareerOne to launch a jobs platform that combines support for Australian job seekers with a way for recruiters to reach audiences of the news website.

The new job portal, powered by CareerOne, will list more than 120,000 vacancies on 7NEWS.com.au/jobs/ with AI technology providing job seekers with a personalised, recommendations-led experience.

7NEWS.com.au will also serve job ads in-publication.

Seven West Media chief digital officer, Gereurd Roberts, said: “With its huge reach, 7NEWS.com.au is an ideal destination for job hunters and hirers alike. We are uniquely positioned to take job ads beyond traditional job boards and efficiently reach a large pool of passive as well as active job seekers.

“Our partnership with CareerOne has helped us overcome traditional cost and time hurdles to entering the job market, and it will bring job candidates and businesses together in an unparalleled way.

“The new jobs site adds another pillar to 7NEWS.com.au’s audience growth, commercial innovation, and revenue diversification strategy,” he said.

Gereurd Roberts

CareerOne chief operating officer, Moussa Namini, said: “We see this as an exciting opportunity for both CareerOne and Seven West Media, and for the Australian jobs market.

“Job hunters need to make well-informed decisions to maximise their job and income security. And now, with 7NEWS.com.au Jobs, they can quickly connect with the right employer and have the confidence in the platform.

“For hirers, candidates have a huge appetite for information about the job opportunities they are presented with, but traditional job descriptions often miss the mark in attracting and informing relevant candidates.

“7NEWS.com.au Jobs allows employers to showcase what makes them an employer of choice, and skills-matching and salary insights provided by CareerOne’s technology platform paint the rest of the picture,” said Namini.

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