Which media jobs are affected by scrapping of 457 visa?

PR managers, radio and TV presenters to go

• PR managers, radio and TV presenters among roles being dropped from skilled labour list

A number of jobs in the media sector have potentially been affected by the Turnbull government’s move to scrap the 457 visa. The visa allowed employers to bring in skilled workers from overseas to fill the gap in the national labour market.

Nearly 25 jobs in the media and associated industries are listed among the 200 occupations to be removed.

Two new visa programs will replace the 457 visa with a tightened definition of skilled workers and the requirements they must meet before coming to Australia. The first visa class will include a short-term two-year permit to work in the country with no scope for permanent residency.

Meanwhile, the second visa class is focused on filling a long-term skills gap. Workers coming to Australia under this visa will have a four-year limit and will require a higher standard of English than the two-year visa.

Both visas will require prior work experience of about two years and a criminal record check, which is currently not required.

The jobs from the media and associated industries to be chopped off the skilled labour list, effective today, include:

Dancers and Other Entertainers
Art Director (Film, Television or Stage)
Artistic Director
Broadcast Transmitter Operator
Cinema or Theatre Manager
Communications Operator
Director of Photography
Entertainer or Variety Artist
Film, Television, Radio and Stage Directors
Graphic Pre-press Trades Worker
Media Producer (excluding Video)
Multimedia Designer
Music Director
Music Professionals
Public Relations Manager
Radio Journalist
Radio Presenter
Singer Television Equipment Operator
Television Presenter

Workers currently in Australia on the 457 visa will not be affected by the changes.

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