Mediaweek Podcast – TV Industry – Ep 7

Mediaweek’s Television Industry Podcast
Episode 007
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* Nick Murray – Executive Producer – Cordell Jigsaw
* Alex Ristevski – General Manager – The Comedy Channel
* Paul McIntyre – Marketing & Media Reporter – Sydney Morning Herald
* James Manning – Editor – Mediaweek magazine
* Brenden Wood – Podcast Moderator

* The Chaser’s two week suspension. ABC’s demotion of comedy boss Amanda Duthie.
* The segment that did not make it to air on the Merrick & Rosso Show on The Comedy Channel
* Comedy Channel viewers have been known to complain that their content is not edgy enough.
* The final episode of the Merrick & Rosso Show aired last night. Advertisers love them. Are there plans for a third series?
* Alex reveals the highest ever rating show on The Comedy Channel
* Broadcasting comedy on government owned TV versus commercial TV
* Launching The Comedy Channel on pay TV broadcaster Galaxy
* Viewer judgment of comedy TV shows
* The Ronnie Johns Half Hour was produced by Cordell Jigsaw
* The success of Ten’s Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation
* Shaun Micallef’s early days at Melbourne’s Artist Services
* Channel Ten’s 2009 advertiser support
* US networks are spending less on producing new shows
* The costs of producing shows for Australian TV
* The TV ratings roller coaster ride
* Will TV programmers be analyzing “live ratings” in the future?
* The ratings lesson that Fast Forward can teach today’s programmers
* Thank God You’re Here on Channel Seven
* Brand-funded content
* Steve Vizard’s brand association dilemma
* The Chaser would be welcomed by advertisers in the commercial world
* When creating a new show when is the host considered?
* Nick explains why he thinks that The Chaser have not been treated well by the ABC
* Andrew Denton’s Zapruder production company is about to air a show on The Comedy Channel – :30 Seconds
* Networks have very low budgets for their digital TV content
* Cordell Jigsaw’s production of A Dave In The Life for SBS
* Channel Ten’s second series of Gorilla Gardeners
* Channel Nine want their network to succeed and are looking at a lot of new shows
* Bondi Rescue won a 2009 Logie Award – who is looking after the award?

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