Mediaweek Podcast – Radio Industry – Ep 7

Mediaweek’s Radio Industry Podcast
Episode 007
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* Joan Warner – CEO – Commercial Radio Australia
* James Manning – Editor – Mediaweek
* Brenden Wood – Moderator

* The launch of digital radio in Australia
* CRA’s Digital Technical Planning meeting
* Digital services in Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne & Brisbane are broadcasting at full power
* Digital radio in Sydney is to be switched on today and will be broadcasting on full power within weeks
* Listeners have responded warmly to the new digital radio services
* Digital radio sellers have reported that they have sold out of receivers
* CRA’s Digital Radio Interference Management System
* The branding of Digital Radio Plus
* Car manufacturers have approached CRA about specifications of digital radio receivers in cars
* The French government create a law stating have made it law that car manufacturers include digital radios in all new cars
* The digital radio signal and over-spill outside of the official coverage area
* Nielsen Media have begun collecting data on digital radio listening
* An Australia-wide listener launch event for digital radio will be held in each city on Thurs 6th August 2009.
* The digital radio plans for Fairfax Radio, ARN, 2GB & 2SM.
* The plans for digital radio receivers to be given away
* CRA is reviewing the Codes Of Practice
* ACRA Awards update
* Joan owns three digital radios: Grundig iPod Dog,Pure Avion, Bush One.
* iRiver’s portable digital radio receiver, the B30, will be released in a few months
* What radio stations does Joan Warner listen to each morning?
* Nova 969’s newsreader Kristy Warner

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