Mediaweek Podcast – Radio Industry – Ep 11

Mediaweek’s Radio Industry Podcast
Episode 011
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* Geoff Field – Newsreader – Kyle & Jackie O Show 2DAY FM
* Kristy Warner – Newsreader – Merrick, Rosso & Kate Ritchie ShowNova 969
* Ron Wilson – Newsreader- Ten Network
* James Manning – Editor – Mediaweek
* Brenden Wood – Moderator

* The relationship that a TV presenter and radio presenter has with their audience
* Kristy Warner’s involvement with the Nova drive show
* The evolution of Geoff Field’s radio career
* “Geoff The Gay Newsreader”
* Newsreader involvement in breakfast shows
* The importance of news on FM breakfast shows
* Gary O’Callaghan’s Sydney breakfast radio show
* TV news versus radio news
* Monitoring other radio stations news services
* Constructing news bulletins
* The length of Nova, 2DAY FM & 2GB news bulletins
* ‘Erection’ adverts on radio
* News coverage of Michael Jackson’s death
* The evolution of CNN and TMZ as credible news outlets
* Social Media – Twitter & Facebook
* Media brawls – John Laws, Kyle Sandilands and Merrick & Rosso
* Click here to listen to Kyle, Jackie O & Geoff on 2DAY FM criticizing Nova’s Merrick & Rosso
* 2GB’s news website criticized the Austereo newsroom this week. Click here to view the Live News story.
* Geoff Field’s on air suspensions
* Kristy Warner’s appearance on a ‘Cougar High’ segment
* Which radio stations do Kristy Warner, Geoff Field & Ron Wilson listen to?
* Why does 2GB rate higher than 2UE?
* Mediaweek is now on Twitter.
* Click here to listen to Geoff Field discussing this podcast on 2DAY FM.

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